The Municipal building has several different offices located at the 3197 Belmont Street Building.

The Water Utility
Customers can pay their water bills, fill out complaint forms and put in request for service repairs.
Boards of Public Affairs meetings are held every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 5pm to address complaints.

The Bellaire local Tax
Bellaire Local taxes are processed and fees collected.

The Mayor’s Office
Meter Tickets or Police Tickets (yellow or orange)
Speeding tickets issued by Bellaire Police Department
Police reports ($5.00)
Permits (Building, Contractor License
Mayor’s Court 2nd and 4th Thursday at 6pm every month
Residential Parking permits
Solicitation Fees

Auditor’s Office
Accounts Recievable/Payable

Code Enforcer
The purpose of this job is to investigate a broad variety of alleged violations of county ordinances andstate law reported by other county departments and the general public. Enforces compliance with codesand ordinances and performs on-site inspections and investigations. Duties and responsibilities include,but are not limited to: Inspecting buildings, structures, and land in order to enforce zoning, housing, nuisance abatement, solid waste, and other related codes and ordinances,making sure permits are uptodate.